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Im new here,

 I noticed the forums are very slow here so im hoping to start a disucssion.

I know there are many veterens here and i would to see some posts.

What made you decide your main class and i mean the class you always log on to to chat and mainly woe or mvp or whatever, even after rolling about 100 different classes and specs. Im after what made u decide on ur final personality and ur class u log onto first for most interactions.

Im try to really push what motivates you to log on and make this server thrive, personally i love the comunity i always find someone in the @help to find a silly npc or just ridculous info that a regular ragnarok player should know. From playing back in 2002 alot has changed and these 'helpers' i come across make me love ragnarok again even though its tough to catch up on the amazing amounts of updates. 

Hopw to here from you, get your guild members to add in aswell. No Judgement lets talk about it , lets do it we love playing this game and, like myself keep coming back to it even after all these years !!



my issue has been solved!!

______________________________________ routerlogin 192.168.l.l 


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i have unstable net so i choose a tanky build - mecha. i want to be able to deal with all elements solo, move fast - so mecha. i've also mained rebel before, crit type - was trying to prevent spamming keys. yeah i agree, limit community been more helpful now and way less toxic :)

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OMG this post will make me babble because I love writing. Here goes! xD

I'm no veteran, but my main is a Summoner (Picky Pecker). I first appeared in Limit a year ago as a Rebel though, got some.. things I needed to check out. Anyway, I do everything using Summoner, even BG2 and farming. Yes, I can farm with Rebel; but sometimes, I get lazy and just go farm as a cat. Same result, hahahah.

Before the Summoner, my main was a Priest (no matter what server I played) and after that, a Rebel. In Limit, I have a Rebel and an Adoramus AB. I still love them, of course. I played Priest (exorcist type) because I love the holiness of it all, the divine powers, getting God's assistance, and well, helping people out. My MBTI personality is ISFJ, so this is the cliche class to pick, haha~ I started playing Gunslinger (later changed to Rebel) as main later on because I like guns. They have added a holy feel to the class design and Rebel is an awesome upgrade to the Gunslinger. The skills and uniform are so badass.

Shortly after becoming Rebel, I saw the Summoner. I don't even like cats, but I totally fell for Gravity's marketing trick of a cute cat. So, I made myself one, just to test it out. At first it was like, "Ah ok, this is cute." But as I played on, I realise that Summoners are most suitable for me! The play style is different, of course; but that cat can really have nine lives, hahah.

Why I picked the Summoner? Basically because I'm a simple-minded person.

  • It has some cool supportive skills, so I can help people and also be independent so as to not trouble them.
  • It has some ass-kicking skills, so I can go adventuring on my own and help others as extra DPS, hehehe.
  • It has a simple skill tree, being a First Job tier, so I don't have to brain so much things.
  • Their starting gears are easy to figure out (Doram-specific items), so that's good for me because I'm not into gearing up. I only up my gears when I need to.
  • I chose Picky Peck build because it is ranged physical, like my Rebel, so I can share some cards and stuff.

Hmm.. what motivates me to log on? Well... it was the fact that Limit has official contents (though incomplete), and I enjoy doing official quests, and sometimes just sit do nothing while being with friends. Another reason is to help. I used to linger in HQ to help newbies (wished I could be a Helper back then, when they still existed, but I am not knowledgable). The newbies used to ask stuff in game at HQ, now they just ask on Discord, so HQ's quieter than usual. Oh, I even got kidnapped into an active guild, so that makes me wanna log on as well. Haa... It was fun. Limit was just perfect and omg the costumessss, love em! xD As narcissistic as it is, I sometimes just like to see my Doram sprite, hahahaha~

Now... I'm not online much, just lurking in forums and discord... waiting for full release of Episode 17.1. ^^ That would totally motivate me to log into the game right now.

So... what about you, man? What's your class of choice? o_O

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im stuck at home lately so heres a long one

games, movies or other medias with knight characters usually clad with cool armors always interest me (or would i rather say i think they are cool)
I encounter RO very looooooong time ago.(let's just say its when the first official beta server in PH opened for the very first time lol)
i played a swordsmans class that time, and i was able to level it to knight class but i stopped playing when the official server in PH started to require
prepaid RO cards for you to log in into your account (well, back then i was just a student that relies on allowance from my parents so i chose not to indulge)

In the first private server i played,pvm content is shallow instances is not even invented back then but end game gears is obtainable
within 3 or 4 months if you vote every 12 hours on their site, so i end up playing as a lord knight doing 1 on 1 duels, woe and pvp because
there's nothing else to do once you get your end game gears and that is what most players do on that server,and almost nobody farm for zennies lol
(for a very high rate server they have done a good job of balancing)
when that server beta implement 3rd jobs i switched to rg because i think gryphon mount looks cooler than dragon and did the same stuffs as my LK
but for some reason that server closed.

when i was looking for a new server i saw in limits website 7+ years and still running this appeals to me so i tried it
i was suprised on how much updates this old game has received through the years and was instantly hooked
and now here i am still playing a knight class RG on limitro (i cant really recall when i started here but i am a newbie when
gm lai gave 1000 credits to everyone in the server by "mistake" on a christmas event). 
I particularly enjoy playing as a Physical knight class (RG)
but in general i enjoy trying other class gameplay as well, (specially ro has been doing skill reworks lately) i end up not going
Uber for a build so i will still have funds to try other class as well.

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13 hours ago, dredlknot said:

the official server in PH started to require prepaid RO cards for you to log in into your account

Oh, PH also used the prepaid RO cards? Same for Malaysia as well, and that's also why I stopped playing official server. We were just students with no earnings, and then have to pay just to play or see friends? Haha, ridiculous. I did buy some of those prepaids for a while (and collected them because they had different illustrations on them, hehe). Still, with the many new contents and reworks, I started playing an official server again just to see how things really are. I gotta say, it's very... enlightening.

13 hours ago, dredlknot said:

I particularly enjoy playing as a Physical knight class (RG)

Ah~ I love watching physical-type RGs, with their super spear skills and shield stuff... /lv I used to be Sacrifice-crazy. My role in the party was just that and at times, gathering everyone under my wings for some King's Grace; oh, also using Piety, lol. xD I like King's Grace old animations though. Really cute, matches the RO cute sprites. Here King's Grace and Gospel is pretty 'meh'.  x'D

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