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Lets give love to Doram Please

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Guest Bola de Pelu

Guys, there is a lot of new itens around there to a lot of classes and i cant seem to find good itens for doram.

Most of them are not here already or jumped, but ok if its for balance. But even if we can play it on bgs and pvp, it has been hard to go for doram in pvm unless u go to full expensive itens and a one target skill with low aoe build. So i guess why not give to doram a little?

why not add this?

             Mdef + 10.
             MaxHP + 3%, MaxSP + 3%.
            If user learned Spirit of Sea level 1, grants immunity to sleep, stun and petrified for 30 seconds when using Grooming.
            If user learned Grooming level 5, reduces fix casting time by 50%, grants immunity to knockback.
            Reduces casting time of seafood type skills by 10% per each level of Tasty Shrimp Party user learned.
            Increases heal effectiveness by 10% per each level of Purring user learned.
            If refine rate is 5 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 7%,
            reduces delay after skill by 10%.
            If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 10%,
            reduces delay after skill by additional 10%.

i dont think it will unbalance the class and will give hope to sea food users, so please take a look @Lai


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Ah, this shoesies! Good idea, dude! Yes, more love to Dorams~

So please post this under the Suggestions so that people and GM team will see it. It'll be great to have a gear that isn't part of the Doram set.

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