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Changelogs - Lesser RNG

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How's your quarantine time?
LimitRO is getting more and more generous by the years, it's a long running server, and needs stimulate it's economy, especially  during Corona times.
Now it's more possible and more affordable!


  • Improved refine success rates for items +10 to +20.
    • Old table
    • image.png
    • New table
    • image.png
  • Improved chance to level up Old Biolab hat enchant.
    • Old table
      • image.png
    • New table
      • image.png

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the SS for skills shadows like genetic shadow earring.
  • Fixed Craftsman not offering the new Illusion item crafting.

Cash Shop 2020 affordable

  • 7 new costume garments.
  • Added +18 & +20 refine tickets, not cheap :P
  • Star Stones and all job stones can now be bought for fixed cost.
  • Added new Consume bundle packs.

Gepard Version update

  • Blocked a lot of cheating tools.
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