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8 of 8, server peak, pandemic efforts

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Congratulations Berserk family for achieving 8 of 8 castles for woe at the strongest level of competition the server has seen to date, And for Limitro reaching server peak of 1000++ players! 

I hope everyone is safe and sound during this pandemic we are facing - And Despite these difficult times, there is still hope. Currently, my team and I have been able to manufacture and provide 2000 aerosol boxes to various hospitals and clinics to the southeast asian region (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) for ambulances, emergency rooms, and ICUs - as well as close to 50,000 face shields; 120,000 PPEs; 1,680 ear guards and daily food packs. Although these efforts are still far from our goals, we will maintain trying our very best. Please pray that our efforts reach their maximum efficacy.

Stay safe and stay strong everyone!

8 of 8.jpg

woe sweep 8 of 8.jpg

castle ranking.jpg



ear guards.jpg

ear guard.jpg


aerosol dimensions.jpg

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Congrats to berserk .. its guild master not just all talk also helps alot on other peeps.. stay safe guys to all limit ro players may the god bless us all congrats to @Lai getting new peak numbers of players also to all competitors makes it possible making server alive god bless us all

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Congrats to berserk being the top guild and no doubt the best guild on limit in normal woe atm...kudos to the competitors makes it not that easy ...hope u all guys continue making limit ro alive again tnx to @Prophet for helping people god bless u sir.. its not the time for hate guys lets appreciate what everyone does and their achievements ..everyone has their time its berserks time i think grats again maybe nxt few months new guild will rise again see long live limit ro congrats gm lai 


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On 4/20/2020 at 10:01 AM, travis scott said:

This is the Ideal leader you want to have, not the the clown from 007 aka uchiha itachi 1f602.png🤭

Coming from someone who just suck like a leech!! yeah that's right Je**** aka Ovo , Solace, Teasers, KTUNED. LEECH!!! you and Veno aka Administrator. Remember what you and Veno and the rest of Anarchy did to M*** aka Soaring Machine? after you used him for your greed, you humiliated him, attacked him and just throw him away like trash!! and now you're in Berserk now, goodluck @Prophet feed them leeches well if you don't want to be like Soaring.




always remember MONEY attract human leeches.



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