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Happy Easter 2020

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Happy Easter


Special easter egg monsters has spawned in various maps around the world.


Egg Maps

  • ein_fild03, gef_fild01, mjolnir_10, moc_fild11, pay_fild03, prt_fild02, prt_fild09, xmas_fild01 cmd_fild01, yuno_fild12 ama_fild01, gon_fild01, um_fild01


  • Eason in Asgard has more info!
    • image.pngimage.png

Possible Rewards


Several brand new CEs

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Event Details

  1. Speak with Eason in Asgard.
    • image.pngimage.png
    • He will talk about making Easter Eggs, you need to gather him some items:
    • 50x14366.pngFlower Token
  2. After you given him the items, him will need 1 hour to prepare ~~
    • Speak to her after 1 hour.
  3. He will need to you talk to the Deliveryman, because he is scared of delivery the eggs to Rockridge.
    • image.pngimage.png
    • Bring him 100x 25278.pngBandit's Scarf (ID 25278, go 39/rockridge and go east map x2 and hunt Revolver buffalos only)
  4. After that speak to Eason. He will tell you to find Eva in Rockridge ~~
  5. Eva is found in Rockridge, speak to her. She like to walk around in the town so can be on different spot.
    • image.png
  6. Now you can create 14468.pngFlower Easter Egg Scroll   from Eason! (Cool down 12 hours)
    • 100x7032.pngPiece of Egg Shell (ID: 7032, Moscovia Dungeon 1 is the easiest for me, u can try nidhogg dungeon 1 too
    • 15x10012.pngTiny Egg Shell (ID: 10012 , Picky in Morocc/Sograt Field 12 - hunt only Picky with egg helmet)
    • 10x14366.pngFlower Token (ID: 14366, refer to first post)
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