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The case for 16.2 guns in Silk

Should we allow 16.2 Rebellion weapons in silk?  

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  1. 1. Should we allow 16.2 Rebellion weapons in silk?

    • Yes, we should allow them.
    • No, we shouldn't and why?

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Most classes have received a major boost in damage (GX,Sura,RK) leaving some of Rebellions damage left to be desired for in silk PvP. Since Expert Archer and Fighting Spirit mods have been banned from this mode, I feel that this is a good time to bring up rebellion damage to par with the other classes. By allowing:
Dustfire - Shotgun
Black Rose - Revolver
Burning Rose - Gatling Gun
The Finisher - RIfle
Revenge - Grenade Launcher

They are on par with Calf guns without access to EA or FS enchants.

Now if this seems a lil' self serving, you'd be forgiven to assume so, with me as a Rebellion main. However, I do see that other Rebels are growing the scene and I think this be a nice addition over all. It's my hope that this time, I can gather the server (your) support. So what do you think?

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