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Smallest update list in the LimitRO history :D
For those who wonders, it's because I'm still in rehab for recovering from the injury I had 2 months ago... 
Good news is, I can now take 4-5 small walks daily 10-20 minutes and it's showing good progress.
During the rehab, I have a lot of pain that I endure, and my brain of thinking / scripting / coding doesn't really work...
I can't focus very well, I hope all can wait a little bit more, until I make come back and go thru everything I missed the past months!
Thank you so much Limitronians, and thank you many many who PM me private to support and cheer me up!


Bug Fixes

  • Updated some wrong shadow gears script.

Item Updates

  • Jitterbug teeth is now tradeable.
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