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You sell you tell :)

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Quite simple.

Have you ever been in a store where there is no price?
The answer is probably no.

Like I like to say : « You sell, you tell ».

Of course it takes balls. You have to commit. And take the risk to go under or over price. But you can PC or make a quick research to eliminate under prices. And if you are over, people will tell you other offer.

Still, there are few  good things about commiting :

1 - You dont get to ask how much it cost. Because yes, we know, as a seller, you will receive a lot of price check by people who sells the same product, people that have no idea how much it cost and just  people...

2 - You get to control your price. Doing so, you can change your price by the market, but also because you'd be surprise on how much people talk. Maybe you will be tempted, depending on a situation, to sell an item a lil more. Everyone will know. And for that reason, they might consider you sell high. While it may not always be the case.


If you ever worked with the public, of course you want to answer to any information inquiry and be polite. Or it may come back at you.

Truth is, you never know who can buy at the end.

Of course you will encounter bad customers, it is part of the game but even how hard they whine, whinners and snitches never win. Again, people recognize them.

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