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Finally, the stress and responsibility of adulting caught up with me and I decided to find a server to escape to my distant childhood past. I found three mid-rate servers and after much procrastinating and thinking (mostly), I decided to join the LimitRo family. I just made my character last night and bracing myself for a bloody farming spree that is not so different from my real-life grind. Hope to see you in-game. I'm a new soul in this very strange world 😑 hoping to meet new friends and maybe mentor to help me get started! Ign: Vernotta signing in! 

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Welcome to LimitRO! Saw you on Discord too, hehe.

I joined Limit during Easter last year and so far, I'm enjoying my stay here. Made some friends, had some funny misadventures, losing my mind from farming, and diving into all the wonderful quests...

So... I hope you'll have fun as well!

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