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Change PvP settings in normal

Would you like to use all the classes inside pvp?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to use all classes inside pvp?

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Hello, I would just like to suggest some small changes regarding PvP settings in Normal.



1.) Reducing 98% demi redux to 85% and 100% range redux to 85%, fighting players with 98% demi redux makes your physical damage a back massage not unless you're using Sura, same goes to 100% range redux it makes long range based classes literally useless.


A.) Reducing it to 85% will allow the others classes to return to the spotlight, same as we did in the GTB effect it gave Warlock, Oboro Magic class chance to return. Classes that could make a come back are:

-  Rune Knight

- Royal Guard

- Star Emperor

- Kagerou long range build

- Ranger long range build

- Rebellion

- Doram

- Minstrell / Wanderer

- Mechanic

B.) This would benefit other people who like playing them classes, Isn't it fun to see all classes inside pvp rather seing a lot of sura.


2.) Making Doram part of player classification. If you ask me Doram is controlled by players right? So logically it should be under player by means of player redux. Here in limitro it isn't part of player classification.


3.) Adding cooldown to Body relocation. I got no beef on Sura players but it is really a pain in the ass to play with sura who just spam body relocation and when they see an opportunity they get close to you then spam GOH. Maybe putting like 1.5 or 2 seconds would be enough.



Some will disagree with me specially about the long range redux they will probably say that there is a way to kill players who have 100% range redux like gunslinger they can strip you, sure goodluck with that especially when you are fighting some pro sura who could just make you eat GOH even before you could strip them.

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Make it simple..

If u think sura OP just make sura

If u think doram OP just make doram

No one will stop u 😂

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Delete the Sura Class Better 🤣
Just Joking 😄


- i agree on body reloc delay ./no1
( But Maybe 0.5 is good enough )


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body relocation 0.5 secs cooldown would be good
also the doram part make it include at player resist is good also
but demi hmm better go silk pvp/woe if u want to fight ppl with lower redux and range resist lol
God/normal woe=end game gears nerfing it makes it no different to silk pvp/woe
Just my opinion no hard feelings <3

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Thanks for support. Yes i could go pvp silk and fight myself there alone while others is at pvp normal. 

5 hours ago, Nightmare said:

+ 1 to this..



If u make maximum refine level in normal is +10. :)

Bro you dont need over ups to get 98% demi and 100% long range lol

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- 1

1) First complain, mage are useless in pvp/woe, nerf gtb. 

2) Reduce demi to 99% then 98% then now you want 85%? Make it 85% I can assure you its gonna be 1 hit game. Everybody going to play hitter class. 

3) Make doram player?, after making it player, complain that its too squishy? Or that it deals no damage? 

4) Make long range reduce to 85%? Whats next to reduce? all element reduction 85% too cuz magic type so OP?

5) Put delay on Body relocate? Then next to complain is players who play sura. "put delay on AD, put delay on PP, put delay on DD, put delay etc etc" 


Damn, theres hardly any people in PVP and yet theres so many changes that wants to be made.

Its a never ending cycle. Change this one, after 1 month another suggestion to change other game mechanics. 🤣


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