Limit Ragnarok Online Installer v15

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LimitRO Installer


1f4ce.pngLimit Ragnarok Online Installer 2019.12.01

  • File List:
    • LimitRO data grf files
    • LimitRO.exe (patcher)
    • All .dll files to play LimitRO
    • data.grf

Installer Download Links

  • Europe
    • For people located within or near Europe.
  • USA
    • For people in America.
  • ASIA
    • For people in Asia.


1f4ce.png Download with uTorrent



PLEASE, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS ASAP, to be able to PLAY Episode 17 content!!!

There are NO AUTO PATCH for Episode 17, all must re-download this!

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Ah ok, thank you! /lv

EDIT: Just to share here, in case anyone gets my strange little incident when extracting the files...

I tried extracting it straight to the directory where my old LimitRO folder is (but not inside the LRO folder itself). Failed. It went to my hidden directories instead (the AppData). Don't know why... Took me a while to find the folder it extracted to. So, what I did was extract to Desktop and only then cut it into the desired directory. So, all works well now.

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