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shadows EQ reset suggestion

shadows EQ reset suggestion  

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  1. 1. shadows EQ reset suggestion

    • Free reset enchant
    • keep same like before

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Just come up with the new shadow enchant,

The random option shadow Eq enchant cant coexist with the old shadow enchant,

this is how they work>

If do the random enchant at the first, the old enchant will cover the new.

But if you already had the old one on, the new enchant can not be made. witch means we need reset the old.

I suggest to minimize the cost of reset old shadow EQ enchant

because the new enchant had no cost, and the old enchant is overcharge to compare with the new now. 

I also suggest to remove the reset enchant just like the new setting to replace the old enchant.

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That issue has been fixed.

You can random option with enchanted shadows eq.

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