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Changelogs - More Shadows!

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This past weekend we reached 700+ players! :D 
Old players, please come and help the newbies! I can't handle this alone.

Also updated server time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor bug with Scatter shadow equipment.

Cash Shop Updates

  • Temporary Refine Ticket sales! Cheap +16s.

Battleground Updates

  • Added Shadow Gear option enchant items to Classic Store.
  • Added Skill Shadow Summon Scrolls to War Store.
  • BG Conquest gives more rewards, due to it's taking longer time than other BGs.
    • 50 to winners and 20 otherwise.

Ranking Updates

  • PvP Rank reset
  • Gladiator Rank reset

Silk Updates

  • Added Temporal Mant and Magical Booster to disabled list.
  • Added remaining Shadow Equipments to disabled list.

Item Updates

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