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Changelogs - Growing again!

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Bug fixes and casual updates, attracts so many new players and many old players returning.
This weekend we peaked 650+!
It was long time ago, a growing LimitRO happened, since the last drama happened half years ago.
Keep it up! Thank you everyone for being part of LimitRO, we are unique in our way ❤️

Bug Fixes

Instance Update

Event Updates

  • Mini Autumn event ends.
  • Halloween events starts.
  • Added a new time 01:00 server time to Player Race event.

Rank Updates

  • Gladiator rank reset.

NPC Updates

  • Godly Enchanter can now enchant your Golden Wings and Kirin Wings.
  • Added Daily slot, tool shop and repairman to Rachel.

Item Updates

Battle Updates

  • Max Player resistance is now 98%.

Monster Updates

  • Orc Hero and Gloom Under Night now drops 25375.pngMighty Soul Essence
  • Hodremlin can now evolve into Gloom Under Night.
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