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Sonic Blow CD


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After cast delay reduction gears, costume hats with aforementioned stat for its gems(cash shop) enchant, some shadow equips I think.

soul link Assassin Spirit/Bragi/latest KR update puts ACDR on one of the special enchant poisons 

That said, you'll still be locked with its animation delay just like performers' Arrow Vulcan.


Imo, it'd be better to use Cross Impact which has better modifiers, lower CD and much easier to chain.

Better yet, Counter Slash is leagues better in damage and its also AoE.

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kRO mass skills balance


3. Assassin
3.1 Sonic Blow

- Removes attack motion.
- Increases damage against target who has HP lower than 50% by 50%.
- Adds 1 second cooldown.



LimitRO changelog


Thief Branch

  • Sonic Blow
    • Removed Attack Animation (we cant due to client version, we remove the animation delay instead.)
    • Increased damage to targets who have 50% or less HP by 50%.

After MT



There currently aren't any card, gear, or shadow gear that reduces Sonic Blow cooldown.

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