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Changelogs - New Options

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A good week, several bug fixes and introducing the official way to apply random options from special items.

Also welcome to a new Game Master :) 

Bug Fixes

Feature Updates

  • Lowered the RNG in Random Option given by items, all "options has equal chance to be obtained".
  • Added new Random option enchanting window.
    • Spoiler


      • image.png
      • image.png
      • image.png


Battleground Updates

  • Added deserter penalty for those who "leaves" BG or DC etc for 30 minutes.

Item Updates

  • Improved the drop rate of young twig, shining spear blade and mother's nightmare.

Limitless Island Updates

  • Emperium Golem in Deep Mines now drops Golden Tamago Hammer.
  • Solar temple shop now sells Starry Tamago Hammer.
  • Pilgrim's Shoes can be crafted by Ace Dragna.
  • Gaia Sheild can be crafted by Ace Dragna.
  • Added Cool Option Shop selling following items for zeny
  • The spawn of Tamago Dragons won't be global announcement.

Cash Shop Updates

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