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Changelogs - AC no CD

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The calm after the storm, this maintenance brings only improvements of quality of life in our server!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed critical bug in Lava instance.
  • Fixed issue with Green Maya spawn.
  • Updated NPC with equipment validations.

NPC Updates

  • Christopher in Geffen will now be able to exchange Rough Shadowdecon to Shadowdecon and Rough Zelunium to Zelunium.
  • God Enchanter now enchants slotted version of Upgrade Part equipments.
  • Applause sandal quest in Limit HQ is now character based.
  • God Enchanter can now enchant all Malangdo weapons. (Lindy hop, sunflower, juliette)

Item Updates

Pet Updates

  • Woodie now gives 10% HP instead of 1000.

Instance Updates

  • Disable Temple of Demon God re-enter during quest cooldown.

Skill Updates

  • Temporary removed skill cool down for Arm Canon level 1-3. (until future patch updates from kRO.)

Feature Updates

  • Added RC_Player resistance to max 99. (Can't reach 100, no matter what equipment.)
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