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Changelogs - Green MvPs and More

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Despite the fact that I received a newborn during the week, we still managed to deliver good content!

Thank you all bug reporters who continually supporting the server!

Bug Fixes

Pet Updates

  • Tamadora now casts Judex instead of "Apple of Idun".
  • Woodie pet no gives 1000 HP / 1000 SP.

Event Updates

  • Melon event ends.
  • Dragon Mushu event ends.

Item Updates

  • 32174.pngSushi Medium A no longer give demi human resist. Improved crit to 7 and Sp recovery from 5% to 10%.
  • Golden Thief Bug card now reduces 70% Magic damage inside WoE, BG and PvP.
  • Unnerfed Fafnir Scale, adjusted refine requirements for bonus.
  • Rock Ridge coins now tradeable.

Patch Updates

  • Added new magma and abyss glast heim maps and monster files.

Rules Updated

  • Manner rules now applies even inside PvP rooms.

Content Updates

  • Magma Dungeon 3
    • Access from Warper NPC
    • New Monsters and MvP
    • New Cards
    • New ore
  • Abyss Glast Heim F1
    • Access from "Glast Heim Nightmare" NPC (Hugin's Follower.)
    • New Monsters and MvP
    • New Cards
    • New ore
  • Green MvPs
    • There are around 50+ Green MvPs.
    • They have a green aura around them
    • They spawn on their original MvP maps.
    • Example: Green Amon Ra spawns on same map as regular Amon Ra.
    • All Green MvPs are super hard!
    • Many of them drops Sealed Boss Cards.

PvP Updates

Gladiator Updates

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