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Changelogs - Limitless Island

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Welcome Emistry to join our server and help our players with server bug fixes and content addons.
Additional dev means brighter future for our server.

Been a tough 2 weeks after our RNG cure plan addons, it's a huge shift in our economy right now, but I believe it will stable very soon with a huge balance in item costs reduced for average players.

I pissed off a lot of old players... 😢 

Bug Fixes

Racing Caps Updates

Limitless Island Updates

Solar Temple Updates

Deepsea Quest Updates

Silk WoE Updates

  • Added mid slotted hats to black list!

God Quest Updates

Roulette Updates

  • Added +7 +8 +9 tickets instead of +5 +6 +7.

Donation Token Updates

  • Cairn NPC now has exchange 50 to 1 CP, 500 to 10 CP and 5000 to 100 CP options.
  • Added @dailycash to check DT Instance cool downs.
  • Instance Donation Token
    • Base reward is 30 - 80 DT.
    • 6+ minimum to trigger Mr. Cash spawn.
      • After 6+ players, each +1 player receives 10 extra DT. (when 12, you get 60 extra)
    • in total 30 to 80 + (player x 10) DTs.
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