Doram's Spirit of Savage Skill

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Hello. I am new to the Summoner class' advanced skills. I want to ask about Spirit of Savage skill. Not about cooldown etc., but about how the skill itself works. I searched the forums but couldn't find the info I'm looking for.

According to RMS:
Area: 3 x 3 cells
Effect: Summon a Spirit of Savage to rush into the target, deals damage to every enemies on the path between the target and the caster.

And in Divine Pride, the AoE is not mentioned, but effect is same:
Effect: Summon a Spirit of Savage to rush attack to the target.
Straight fire to the designated point and damaging all enemies within the line.


Firstly, the 3x3 AoE. I tried it and somehow, it does not work. The three mobs on that one cell all died, while the other two on the cell right next to it lives. Does the skill really have 3x3 or is RMS inaccurate? Or am I doing it wrong?


Second is about the "damaging all enemies in line". I tried it out on a flat terrain and walked in a straight line. I used Spirit of Savage at the mob that's at the end, but only that mob died while the rest lives and reaches me. Is the "damaging all enemies within the line" not working? Or am I doing it wrong?


So...yeah, that's it.

If the skills ARE working fine (with the 3x3 and the in-line damage), then can give me tips on how to do this (or a live demo)? I've been trying so many times but can't seem to get it right.

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UPDATE: Well, after some time of using the skill, I assumed it worked like Cannon Spear or at least, like Fire Rain. It probably doesn’t, but this is just my assumption. Anyway, today I managed to do a perfect execution of the skill.


I don’t know where I aimed or how it happened, but I could never get this result again. I tried and sometimes inside that same long row, I killed the mob at the beginning of the row, and maybe a couple in the middle of it, while the rest remain unscathed.

So… I still don’t know how to really use this skill besides gathering mobs into one single cell (which can be a dangerous move).

Tips on how to use this skill properly are most welcomed.

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i rarely use it, and this is the major weakness of physical doram - the lack of aoe skill. 
the long cooldown and lack of damage just doesnt cover it up...

im not so sure how long is the cooldown but it says it is up to 20 secs? as per: https://www.limitro.com/forums/reportcenter/skillbugs/spirit-of-savage-cool-down-and-hits-r1637/
you can reduce it by using the race cap - (this might be the tips u r looking for)

but to be perfectly honest i still prefer to use my laser of eagle because of the cecil proc.

Lunatic Beat carrot can only be good if u use the entire elegant set - i still can hit 70-100k (? - i guess )without it, but it is a 'meh' damage.

the best way for tanking, use 'STOOP' and spam picky. XD

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Cool info, thanks. Yeah, I already viewed those topics, but I'm not too concerned with cooldown, seeing how good it can be for normal mobs.

I am more concerned about killing all the mobs coming at me, using this Savage skill. Why is it that some of them in that straight line did not get hit? How should I use the skill so that the outcome is same as the one that I tried on the orcs? (where all of them actually dies, unlike the Elder Willow test) Where should I aim/click to achieve that result again? 🤔

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Nope, tried that with the Elder Willows above. Did not work.
The one I tried on the Orcs worked perfectly, but I don't remember what I did and can't seem to do it again, lol. 😅

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