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Cheap Farming "Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming Guide

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                               This Set price is 
                                          560 -
  25223.pngLimit Group Coin  For Armor ,Garment,Boots,Middle HeadGear

                                                                     2.2m Zeny For  Weapon ,Upper and Lower HeadGear
Map to Farm: Magma Dungeon 02

How To go : Warper>>Dungeon>>magma>>Magma Dungeon 02

Zeny Rate : 40-55m per Hour

Good Boost To Newbie That Dont Have Zeny To Buy Upgraded Farming Equips 

                                                                                          Where You  Can Buy This Equips?

                                                Map: Limit HQ
                                                use "@go hq"




                                                         Map:Vending Harvor
                                                          use  "@go 16"






 after buying all item 




If Your Running Out Of Mana You Can Buy This Box Using 30pcs 25223.pngLimit Group Coin
  Easy To Carry Because It Because This Potion Is Almost Weightless



                                                     How To Get 25223.pngLimit Group Coin??????

Inside Magma Dungeon You Can Loot This 3 Item
use "@alootid 7120 1036 1038"

REMEMBER NOT @alootid "7120 " @alootid "1036 "@alootid "1038 "



Copy This Alootid "@alootid 7120 1036 1038"

Alt+M to  Open Shortcut List Tab



                                              Ready To Farm????Go Back in Magmag 02





                                          Upgraded"Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming 

This Build Need 100m below

Map To Farm : Thanatos 10
How To go : Warper >>>Dungeon>>>Thanatos>> Thanatos Tower 10

Zeny Rate :  90-100m  per hr
Advantage: Unli Mana~Unli Hp


  • Armor of Arship

   All Stats +1
   MaxHP +1000
   MaxSP +100
   MDEF +10

  • AirShip Manteau

   FLEE +20
   Reduces variable cast time by 20%.
   Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 10%.

  • Boots Of Airship

   AGI +1
   Reduces after attack delay by 10%.


  • [Airship Set(Armor, Manteau and Boots)]

   MaxHP +25%
   MaxSP +25%
   Increases movement speed


  • Calf Diamondback

Dex + 2, Weapon ATK Power + 2%.
Increase long ranged physical damage by 5% per 2 refine rate.
If refine rate is 7 or higher, increases [Round Trip] damage by 20%.
If refine rate is 9 or higher, reduces SP consumption of [Round Trip] by 5%.
If refine rate is 12 or higher, increases long ranged physical damage by 5%.
Weapon: Gatling Gun
Attack: 220

  • Rideword Hat

A hat designed to mimic the look of a terrible magic book which attacks people.
Randomly absorbs 8% physical damage inflicted into HP.
Randomly absorbs 4% physical damage inflicted into SP.
Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds while equipped.

Card Needed
 2 - Hunter Fly Card For Weapon
 1 - Menblatt Card For Garment




You have 100% Chance To loot AirShip set 
Follow Guide 

 To Buy Weapon,Cards, and Top Headgear

You Can use  "@trade "message" "
Warning : Dont use Non English in @trade @main @recruit @help Channel

                                              Ready To farm In Thanatos 10???????????


Happy LimitRo Gaming

Greeting From Asgard Bottom

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there is player in game Blade Gunner he asked me coz he new he cant afford to buy minigun right away. I suggest to really new players. Buy the gatling gun from novice shop in hw its on the right cubicle to izaac he sells cheap weak gatling gun for 10 zeny I think if you have good level aldy you can use that to farm the limit coins in Magma 2 with round trip.

or you can also use ur free mercenary.


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thanos tower 10, I farm my arse off to get 50m/hr or lower since that place so crowded. Go to Thanos 12 if have big balls xD

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