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Changelogs - War of Emperium

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Yes! Bug fixes, RNG cures and WoE updates! :D
Hope you like today's changes!

Bug Fixes


  • Sweet Melons!
  • Poring Catcher now takes place in Prontera Field 03.

RNG Cure Updates

  • Removed Refine Tickets +5 +6 from Egg Scrolls and added +8 and +9, instead. (with improved chances.)
  • Racing Cap enchating
    • Increased the chance to get special job enchant from 1.4% to 3.4%
    • Increased the chance to upgrade job enchant from 10%/1% to 30%/15% (level 1 to level 2 to level 3)

Cash Shop Updates

  • Removed +8 and +9 Refine Tickets from shop.
  • Removed Scrolls and Scroll Box from Cash Shop.
  • Added 14312.pngMid Slotting Letter (original drop from Lunar Ramble Box).

Vote Shop Updates

  • Added new vote egg.

VH Supply Machine Updates

Illusion Dungeon Updates

  • Increased the 25271.pngIllusion Stone for all Daily quests to 3-6, more details on wiki page.

16.1 Quest Updates

  • Increased Honor Token rewards for most Daily Quests.
    • More details on wiki.

BG Updates

  • The Battle Supply Machine items reduces costs!

Wave Mode Updates

Mr Wise Updates

PvP Updates

War of Emperium Updates

  • New Schedule
    • image.png
  • Normal WoE
    • Guild member participate changed from 36 to 24.
    • Increased chance to drop God Material Box by double!
  • Silk WoE
    • Added Fighting Spirit, Expert Archer, Spell and Sharp enchants to black list.
    • Removed All treasure content, Each Silk treasure chest only has 5% chance to drop 1x 32014.pngVIP Coin.
  • Goddess Valkyrie NPC arrived to Asgard.


Free Cash Updates

  • The following instances will receive 150-200 Donation Tokens reward Mr. Cash if following conditions are met:
    • 12 man party finishing the instance.
      • Horror Toy Factory
      • Faceworm 
      • Old Glast Heim (Hard)
      • Endless Tower
      • Infinity Space (Hard)

Lunette Island Updates

  • The instance is now reset 00:00 server time cool down.
  • It costs now 100m zeny to enter.
  • The rewards is 10 times more.
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