Sweet Melons

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Sweet Melons

Hello, the summer is here and it's getting really really hot on many places around the globe.

Which is why, I have delivered a bunch of Melons for everyone! 

These melons hopefully will cool everyone down! :D

How to plant Melons?

  1. In our capital Asgard, visit the Plant Me garden.
    • image.pngimage.png
  2. Find an unoccupied Magic Hole and plant melon seed into it.
    • image.png
  3. A little Watermelon will be planted and sit back and watch it grow.
    • image.png
  4. Clicking on your Melon to see it's growing Stats.
    • image.png
  5. There are several events that can occur during the growth, the melon can get 
  6. Take good care of it, it grows pretty fast.
    • When it reaches 1400 health points, you will be able to harvest it and obtain
    • 20389.pngMini Melon or 20610.pngMelon Cap

Possible Rewards


Event Ends on 2019.06.24

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