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Changelogs - RNG cure is here!

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Hello, how are you?

Bug reports: 1000+
Lai: Fixed!

I might get busier soon, as GM Wenna is nearly it's birth, after her birth I will be busy for 2-4 weeks, until she is stable!
But I will still keep updating and fixing, and as active as I possibly can! :D
Just so you know!!! :D

Bug Fixes

Feature Updates

  • Added 3 new Character slots.
  • Helper Team has been disbanded.
    • Everyone is helper from now on!

RNG cure Updates

 Vote Shop Updates

Cash Shop Updates

  • Gem box sale end.
  • Added new Balloon Wings
    • image.png

WoE Updates

  • Pets are auto disabled when entering GvG mode.

CE Girl Updates

  • Removed Drooping Eddga as requirement to craft Pipe of Carnation.

Homunculus Updates

  • Enabled Homcunulus rename feature, you will be able to rename it more than once.

Zeny Value & Less P2W Updates

  • Godly Enchanter is no longer a cash related NPC.
    • No longer accepts VIP Coins, he only accepts 14418.pngZeny Coin(Gold) now.
      • 5 VIP before is now 8 G Coins.
      • 7 VIP before is now 11 G Coins.
      • 10 VIP before is now 16 G Coins.
      • 13 VIP before is now 20 G Coins.
      • 20 VIP before is now 32 G Coins.
  • Mato Mato Safe CE unenchant fee is no longer VIP Coins, now accepts 5x 14418.pngZeny Coin(Gold).
  • Battleground unenchant service for Shadow Gears no longer accepts VIP Coins, now accepts 2x 14418.pngZeny Coin(Gold) for safe unenchant.

Battleground Updates

  • Reduced the cost of most items from BG Supply Machine.

PvP God Arena Updates

Silk Mode Updates

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