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Do you think LimitRO has too much RNG or not?  

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  1. 1. Do you think LimitRO has too much RNG or not?

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1 hour ago, Karyu said:

i rather have the current way of getting wings from armory box at the cost of 2 lucky tickets per try than this. it will need players to do mind numbing forest wave and bounty mission over and over and over again for at least a week just to make a single 7k worth merit badge of a wing. >.<

+1 Mindless, repetitive, boring grind is not the best answer to RNG.

Implementing more engaging ways for people to farm, bonus points if there is variety to it, could help.

So far from my impressions and interactions with different people, from low gear to high end gear. Forest wave is good reward but very little engagement. 


Edit: In addition, I had this idea for a while and wanted to suggest, but never worked out all the dynamics and such.

Global loots system that would reward people with egg scrolls and roulette bronze coins (heck maybe even gold and silver) could be fun.

I never got through what the odds would need to be to have a decent balance to it, but rewarding farming in general could be a very effective way to encourage new players.

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