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Changelogs - New itenz!

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Players: More content please.


Bug Fixes

Gladiator Updates

  • Retired Valkyrie and added Vesper.

Deep Mines Updates

Mr Wise Hat Maker Updates

Limit Group HQ Updates

Deepsea Updates

Biolab Nightmare Updates

16.1 Quests Updates

  • 6919.pngHonor Token is now storageable.
  • The daily quests now gives more token rewards.

Cash Shop Updates

  • Added 4 new gemstone boxes, those boxes gives random Gemstones, which you can enchant into your Costume Hats.
  • Mato Mato now offers Safe unattachment of gemstone from Costume headgears!
  • New Donation deals, more info on donate page.

Old Glast Heim Updates

PvP Room Updates

Ranking Updates

  • Gladiator Resets.

Solar Temple Updates

  • Switched out all "Player look alike" monsters with brand new set of monsters ~~
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