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Changelogs - New Pets!

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Been a stable week, didn't want to bring a lot of changes.
This to make sure new players can catch up abit.
Mostly bug fixes as always priority 1! ❤️

Bug Fixes

Silk WoE Updates

  • Fixed the max member of 24 bug, where ppl can have more than 24 members.
  • Prontera Normal WoE is now Silk WoE.

Battleground Updates

  • BG 1 games will now reward 200 14458.pngBattle Coin each game.

Limit Group HQ Updates

  • Forest Wave mode instance will now reward 20% to obtain 20x 6685.pngLimit Merit Badge each champion wave.

Patch Updates

  • Removed the Green aura from regular MvPs.
  • Added new item description fix patch.

Helper Updates

  • New helper Ziemniak 2764.png


Attack Formula Updates

Changes of behavior:
  1. bAddele is mutiplicative to property fix table
    • it was additive.
    • say 20% bAddele and neutral to neutral . it was 100%+20% =1.2x damage
    • it is now still 1.2x damage
    • say 20% bAddele and neutral  to ghost. it was 50%+20% = 0.7x damage
    • it is now 0.5*1.2= 0.6x damage
  2. non-pc character's vit def is reduced. agi is not added to vit def anymore
  3. hard def is calculated differently
    • the reduction was 1-600*100/(600+def)%
    • it is now 1-(4000+def)*100/(4000+10*def)%
  4. str(dex when equipping long ranged weapon) has less effect on damage.
    • if the property fix is 100%. there is no change
    • if the property fix is greater than 100%, you will find your damage reduced after change
    • if the proerty fix is smaller than 100%, you will find your damage increased after change
    • note, this is considering the hard and vit defense thing not affecting this.
    • so whether your damage will be increased or decreased depends.
1 and 3 is a change of behavior
2 and 4 is bug fix


New Pets Updates

  • Added 6 new pets to LimitRO, all evolved from other pets.
  • image.pngunknown.pngunknown.png
  • image.pngimage.pngimage.png
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