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Hello! I've just started playing here for a week and I am already enjoying myself, starting to get the hang of things... ^^

First impression of this server is great. I love the Limit Academy, the Limit HQ, and Asgard is beautiful. I see all Rebellion skills are also working nicely here and main quests are also available, yay! I like the Daily Slot thingy. And wowwy, the costume selection is just amazing. Poring Hunt is funny, I like. I am also enjoying the Easter Event. It is very fun, laid-back, and seems fair because there is something for everybody. ^^

Anyway, I come to LimitRO mainly in hopes of living my Doram dream, that is to be a full Doram. To come from Lasagna and to have all skills available in the Skill tab (basically experience being a Doram as same as possible to official server) -- and my Doram dream has come true! I am now going to roam about the world.

My IGN is 'Unemployed Unit II' and I am... a Doram! xD


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