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Changelogs - Easter and Player Race!

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As always, we put bug fixes as high priority!

Bug Fixes

Item Updates

  • Added item effects for Racing special job enchants.

Server Time Updates

  • Due to server daylight saving time change, we will adjust the time to the normal behavior.

Refinery Updates

Limit HQ Updates

Cash Shop Updates

  • Star Stones selling price to NPCs will be increased to
    • Green = 10m
    • Blue = 30m
    • Purple = 100m
  • Added 14175.pngRed School Bag and 14176.pngBlack School Bag costume garment.

Lunette Island Updates

  • You can now enter with party members.
  • You no longer auto teleport out when you die inside.
  • You no longer get stripped of equipment when inside.
  • You can use items when inside.
  • You can obtain few more Keys when finnishing it.
  • The monsters are much super insane harder now.

Feature Updates

  • Max character zeny increased from 1b to 2b.

Hugel Player Race

  • Entrance fee: 300k zeny.
  • Top 10 Prize: 200x 25273.pngMysterious Medal
  • Event Time: 13:00 daily.
  • Entrance NPC in Hugel
    • image.pngimage.png
    • More details, this NPC will explain 2764.png

Discord Updates

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