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It's Easter Time!

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It's Easter Time!


First, big appologize for not making many events in the past few months.
We have missed the Chinese New Year event and the Valentines event due to busy schedule...

This year's easter, we have brought some exciting hunting game :D
Many Easter eggs ingame for you to hunt! ^^

Event Time: 2019.04.15 to 2019.04.29!


Field Easter Egg

On many field maps, you will be able to find this Easter Egg being there undisturbed. 
Ofcourse, if you find it, you are welcome to disturb it by hitting on it.
Be careful, it may turn out ugly...

If you hit it tooooo hard, it may break and vanish... but worry not, because a new one will respawn pretty quickly!
Each time you hit on it, you have a chance to obtain one of the following items:


Dungeon Easter Egg

In many dungeons, there are also this special Easter Egg which breaks very easily!


Although the egg itself seems to be empty, but it has an invisible curse... if you break too many, you will be warped to a secret map...

The bunny dream land full of TREASURES!!!

Each treasure you break drops this brand new...

  • 14468.pngFlower Easter Egg Scroll
  • Maps:
    • Spoiler

      abyss, ama_dun, anthell, ayo_dun, beach_dun, lhz_dun, bra_dun, c_tower1, alde_dun, mjo_dun, prt_sewb, abbey, ein_dun, gef_dun, gef_dun, glastheim, gon_dun, prt_maze, ice_dun, juperos, lou_dun, mag_dun, mosk_dun, odin_tem, orcsdun, pay_dun, ra_san, dic_dun, in_sphinx, treasure, tha_t, thor_v, ecl_tdun, dew_dun, xmas_dun, tur_dun!


Eason needs your help!

Eason is back! Yep, she helped creating 14359.pngEaster Bunny Scroll, make sure to bring her what she needs!



Happy Easter!


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Thank you all for participating in Easter event :D

I hope it brought fun time for you ❤️

Next upcoming event will be......

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