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Changelogs - Illusion Enchants

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This maintenance we have been focusing on bug fixes and minor adjustments.
A little bit rest as well from the previous hectic releases!
We thought slowing things down a little, would be a nice thing both for the team and the players to catch up.


Bug Fixes

Refine Updates

  • Added missing level 4 weapon / level 3 weapon E.Ore boost.

Costume Updates

  • Changed the Costume Beanie dropped by Classic Costume Box into Costume Pink Beanie.
    • This to remove the conflict between official costume Beanie ~~

Commands Updates

  • Added new @battlestats shows your stats in details.
  • @itemlock locks your inventory from item drop permanent.
  • @nomemorial removes the instance window when open an instance.

NPC Updates

  • Town expansion, we are duplicating many asgard exclusive NPCs to other major towns.
    • Louyang
    • Amatsu
    • Alberta
    • Prontera
    • Comodo
    • Geffen
    • Morocc
    • Payon
  • Added Kafra to Malangdo and Verus

Limit Group HQ Updates

  • Added a Secret Door inside HQ.

Gladiator Updates

  • Removed the 20000 points reward, max claim is now 10000 points reward.
    • Gladiator reward is 1 per account bond per month.

BG Shop Updates

Content Updates

Cash Shop Updates

  • Releasing new Amulets
    • image.png

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