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WoE Member restriction.

WoE Member restriction.  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Remove member restriction in WoE? No more 24 or 36 CAP.

    • Yes, remove.
    • No, keep it.

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WoE Member restriction


This custom feature was added around 2016, where we restrict total amount of members inside a castle in WoE.
To give some guilds with lower population a better chance.
I remember back then, it got some backfire, but now everyone is used to it.

Con and Pro

  • Con: A guild can most likely not expand, and WoE interested is limited.
  • Pro: Easier to build new smaller guild and no need to invite ppl.

Why I bring this up?

  • We have noticed that the 24vs24 or 36vs36 is quite hard to protect, there are few bugs that no one wants to report.... there are still a few ways to enter the castle and bypass this restriction.
    • Please report or....
    • My proposal is to revert things to Official, no member restrictions.
    • WoE max capacity, 76vs76, is the only way to make it ultimate fair.

When we changed this from 76vs76 to 36vs36, there were no poll, it was a straight change...but that is us back then....very bad.
Now things are and want to give it a fair trial.

If 76vs76 pulls out, it means

  • Guilds can invite more members who wants to WoE.
  • Guilds can become larger.
  • Guilds can train more members.
  • The action between guilds are more intense, where the numbers are larger.
  • I will increase WoE rewards, to make sure it's worth and easier for LEADERS to benefit whole big guild.

If no, it means

  • I will do my best to fix this "bug"... but no promises...



Please give me your opinion, if you are WoE interested, WoE related, no rants no negativity, just concrete opinion if you have ~~


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Vote no. thanks.

no need to change number in woe. what we need is "CASTLE LOOT", limited space make other guild make their owned guild and compete with other.

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The restriction is a must.  

Currently, we do not have enough players (unlike official). 3 guilds of 36 fighting is better than 2 guilds of 76. 

Just increase the benefits and loots player get from woe to encourage others to do woe also. 🙏

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