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Running LimitRO on Mac OS

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Hello! I am new to LimitRO and decided to install the game on my Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.2. The first thing I realized was there was no real guide other than a note saying you can use Winebottler in order to do this. I thought I'd write up a quick and dirty guide to making this work! I hope it helps.


1. Download LimitRO and extract the .zip file

2. Download & Install WineBottler ( I suggest the stable version (1.8.6 ). Simply download the file and double-click the .dmg file to install.

3. Follow the instructions file provided once you double click the .dmg file. It should have you drag Wine AND WineBottler into your Application folder.

4. WineBottler is installed so we need to run it. You can use spotlight search for this (CMD + Space) then type in WineBottler and hit enter.

5. Click the "Advanced" tab in the WineBottler application window.


6. Under the bolded "Program Installation" section look for "Installation mode:". There should be 3 options to the right of it. Select the option 3rd option, "copy file (Program) and all files in the folder to the App Bundle.


7. Still under the bolded "Program Installation" section there is a button on the right side that says "select File...", click that and select the "LimitRO.exe" file located in the extracted folder for LimitRO you downloaded earlier.


8. Click the "Install" button located in the bottom right corner of the window.


9. Wait for the installation to finish!

10. Click the "On My Mac" tab in the WineBottler application window. You should now see "LimitRO" beneath the "Installed WineBottler Applications".


11. Click "LimitRO" and now it should run!



- I was not able to get the setup dialog to show up twice, so if you don't get the settings right, it's best to remove the application and then create a new one.

- Alt-tabbing while in full screen mode caused the screen to stay black until the app was restarted so I suggest windowed mode.

- I haven't yet gotten 2 clients to work but I suspect you can create 2 packages by following the above step and then running them both.

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I just tried it and it doesn't seem to work, because I get a message from the 2nd LimitRO launcher that there is some resource currently "in use". However I wonder if you couldn't try to install the WineBottler application 2 times to make this work.

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I'm wondering that exact same thing about wineskin actually, I could try to install two limitROs, but can I be bothered is the question. Still, it is great to have a guide on these forums, so thanks for that!

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