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Changelogs - Old Bio Hat Enchants

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Quite a productive start of year 2019 😮

Bug Fixes

Patch Updates

  • Added in a Quest log info update patch to fix some typos and enhanced some quest log graphic.
    • Example
      • image.png

Monster Updates

  • All Gigantes in Sarah & Fenrir instance has will havea a low chance to drop 27183.pngGigantes Card.
  • Evil Shadow Follower & Fanatic will now drop their card.
  • Updated Honor of Tomb monster stats to match with official info.
    • Some buff, some nerf.
  • Updated all Crimson weapon drop rates as official x25 ~~ higher rates now ~~

NPC Updates

  • Added a warning text when slotting Temporal Boots (stating that u will lose refine/enchants).

Item Updates

Mid Camp Updates

  • Quadrille and Vesper Core 1 (same cost as other vesper cores.) will return to the shop.
  • Valkyrie / Diabolus sets will also return.

Limitless Island Updates

  • Deepmine Celine Brooch will now require 10x Vesper Core [1] to craft.

Limit HQ Updates

  • Eve Natalia will now reward you 20-40 Limit Merit Badge for turning specific mvp loots.
    • Her request list has been updated.
  • Granma will now guide players up to level 165. (above 165 can't use.)
    • Granma will allow you to select the map you wish to farm.
      • image.png
    • Granma maps are now graded as C, C+, C++, B, B+, B++ and Special Group Map.
      • Granma  Map C has all monsters spawns for Bounty C missions.
      • Granma  Map C+ has all monsters spawns for Bounty C+ missions.
      • etc
    • Bounty Board C, C+, C++ missions cool down reduced to 15 minutes.
      • EXP reward reduced by half.
      • Coin reward remain same.
    • Bounty Board B, B+, B++ missions cool down reduced to 30 minutes.
      • EXP Reward reduced by half.
      • Coin reward remain same.
    • Bounty Expert will now offer 3 Party Bounties for you to select (CD 15 minutes.)
      • image.png

Deepsea Dungeon Updates

  • The items that requires valkyrie/diabolus or gobine items will be switched out to other items.
    • Do not worry, nothing too RNG cancer, the team has evaluated and nothing too hard, similiar hardness to current ones.

Malangdo Enchant Updates

Ghost Palace Enchants

  • image.png
  • Mettos no longer enchants your Thanos weapons....
  • You can now buy Gray Abrasive items from this NPC for 50 Gray Shards

Website Updates

  • Added call back check for all Vote for Point.
    • How this works
      • Now you must vote properly success on each site to receive points.
      • All "click without vote" will no longer give point.
      • 1 IP per 1 vote 1 account.
      • If you have multi accounts, you must login and vote with different IP to work.
      • Basically, if the vote site don't register your VOTE, you get NO Point and get CD.
  • All vote pages are now 24 hours Cool down.
    • Gives 40 points, except for 1.
  • All old Vote Points are now stored as "old vote point", web site no longer show this point.
    • To see how many Old Vote Point you have, visit ingame Old Vote Shop.
  • All new Vote Points will be displayed on Website and ingame New Vote Shop.
  • New Vote Shop contains
    • Old vote point items
    • New items (details coming soon).
  • We do this update, because we really need more votes ~~ and too many fake votes :P out of 1000 ppl who claim points maybe only 10 real votes lol...
    • We will also offer good items in New Vote Shop, because now nobody can fake vote :P
  • Added Vote Shop (exclusive items)

Old Bio Headgear Enchants

Special Enchant List

29061.pngMettle Lv1 29071.pngMagic Essence Lv1 29081.pngAcute Lv1 29091.pngMaster Archer Lv1 29101.pngAdamantine Lv1 29111.pngAffection Lv1
29062.pngMettle Lv2 29072.pngMagic Essence Lv2 29082.pngAcute Lv2 29092.pngMaster Archer Lv2 29102.pngAdamantine Lv2 29112.pngAffection Lv2
29063.pngMettle Lv3 29073.pngMagic Essence Lv3 29083.pngAcute Lv3 29093.pngMaster Archer Lv3 29103.pngAdamantine Lv3 29113.pngAffection Lv3
29064.pngMettle Lv4 29074.pngMagic Essence Lv4 29084.pngAcute Lv4 29094.pngMaster Archer Lv4 29104.pngAdamantine Lv4 29114.pngAffection Lv4
29065.pngMettle Lv5 29075.pngMagic Essence Lv5 29085.pngAcute Lv5 29095.pngMaster Archer Lv5 29105.pngAdamantine Lv5 29115.pngAffection Lv5
29066.pngMettle Lv6 29076.pngMagic Essence Lv6 29086.pngAcute Lv6 29096.pngMaster Archer Lv6 29106.pngAdamantine Lv6 29116.pngAffection Lv6
29067.pngMettle Lv7 29077.pngMagic Essence Lv7 29087.pngAcute Lv7 29097.pngMaster Archer Lv7 29107.pngAdamantine Lv7 29117.pngAffection Lv7
29068.pngMettle Lv8 29078.pngMagic Essence Lv8 29088.pngAcute Lv8 29098.pngMaster Archer Lv8 29108.pngAdamantine Lv8 29118.pngAffection Lv8
29069.pngMettle Lv9 29079.pngMagic Essence Lv9 29089.pngAcute Lv9 29099.pngMaster Archer Lv9 29109.pngAdamantine Lv9 29119.pngAffection Lv9
29070.pngMettle Lv10 29080.pngMagic Essence Lv10 29090.pngAcute Lv10 29100.pngMaster Archer Lv10 29110.pngAdamantine Lv10 29120.pngAffection Lv10


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