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Coming Changes 2019.01.21

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Bug Fixes

Patch Updates

  • Added in a Quest log info update patch to fix some typos and enhanced some quest log graphic.
    • Example
      • image.png

Monster Updates

  • All Gigantes in Sarah & Fenrir instance has will havea a low chance to drop 27183.pngGigantes Card.
  • Evil Shadow Follower & Fanatic will now drop their card.
  • Updated Honor of Tomb monster stats to match with official info.
    • Some buff, some nerf.
  • Updated all Crimson weapon drop rates as official x25 ~~ higher rates now ~~

NPC Updates

  • Added a warning text when slotting Temporal Boots (stating that u will lose refine/enchants).
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Mid Camp Updates

  • Quadrille and Vesper Core 1 (same cost as other vesper cores.) will return to the shop.
  • Valkyrie / Diabolus sets will also return.

Limitless Island Updates

  • Deepmine Celine Brooch will now require 10x Vesper Core [1] to craft.

Limit HQ Updates

  • Eve Natalia will now reward you 20-40 Limit Merit Badge for turning specific mvp loots.
    • Her request list has been updated.
  • Granma will now guide players up to level 165. (above 165 can't use.)
    • Granma will allow you to select the map you wish to farm.
      • image.png
    • Granma maps are now graded as C, C+, C++, B, B+, B++ and Special Group Map.
      • Granma  Map C has all monsters spawns for Bounty C missions.
      • Granma  Map C+ has all monsters spawns for Bounty C+ missions.
      • etc
    • Bounty Board C, C+, C++ missions cool down reduced to 15 minutes.
      • EXP reward reduced by half.
      • Coin reward remain same.
    • Bounty Board B, B+, B++ missions cool down reduced to 30 minutes.
      • EXP Reward reduced by half.
      • Coin reward remain same.

Deepsea Dungeon Updates

  • The items that requires valkyrie/diabolus or gobine items will be switched out to other items.
    • Do not worry, nothing too RNG cancer, the team has evaluated and nothing too hard, similiar hardness to current ones.

Malangdo Enchant Updates

Ghost Palace Enchants

  • image.png
  • Mettos no longer enchants your Thanos weapons....
  • You can now buy Gray Abrasive items from this NPC for 50 Gray Shards

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Website Updates

  • Added call back check for all Vote for Point.
    • How this works
      • Now you must vote properly success on each site to receive points.
      • All "click without vote" will no longer give point.
      • 1 IP per 1 vote 1 account.
      • If you have multi accounts, you must login and vote with different IP to work.
      • Basically, if the vote site don't register your VOTE, you get NO Point and get CD.
  • All vote pages are now 24 hours Cool down.
    • Gives 40 points, except for 1.
  • All old Vote Points are now stored as "old vote point", web site no longer show this point.
    • To see how many Old Vote Point you have, visit ingame Old Vote Shop.
  • All new Vote Points will be displayed on Website and ingame New Vote Shop.
  • New Vote Shop contains
    • Old vote point items
    • New items (details coming soon).
  • We do this update, because we really need more votes ~~ and too many fake votes :P out of 1000 ppl who claim points maybe only 10 real votes lol...
    • We will also offer good items in New Vote Shop, because now nobody can fake vote :P

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