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Changelogs - Happy New Year

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What a great start of 2019, fixing many bugs, content adjustment, less RNG cancer! ❤️
I wish all a great 2019!


Event Updates

  • Minor improvements to Winter Amusement Park
    • Bug fixes
    • Reduced cool down

Item Updates

Bug Fixes

Feature Updates

  • Skill / Stat saver thru L-Phone, will now work properly.
    • Level Check added - If you saved stats or skills at level 80, you won't be able to load at level 81.
  • Updated our WoE Board setter NPC, bug fixed the previous WoE time vanish issue.

Town Updates

  • Removed Splendide / Manuk shop.
    • Moved them to Mid Camp.
    • Lowered the cost for all items.
    • Removed some item content.
    • Added 3rd job hats to this shop.
  • Improved Mid Camp navigation on mini map.
  • Removed useless Limit Group equipment from HQ Gear Machine
    • Only remained the best ones - also lowered the level requirement to 100 instead of 160.
    • Added supplie to HQ Gear Machine - Light SP Pot box & Yggdrasil Berry.
  • Improved better connection between Lime Evenor and Granpa, better guidance from HQ to Onward the New World quest ~~

Vote Shop Updates

  • Added Riding Halter rental.
  • Removed Event Point Scroll S
  • Reduced prices of the items in the vote shop.

Cash Shop Updates

Monster DB Updates

Town Quest Updates

Tomb of Honor Updates

  • Tomb of Honor = Bio5 = Nightmare Biolab :P
    • Adjusted Normal monster drop rates.
    • Adjusted Normal monster skill cast chances
    • Adjusted Normal monster Max Pain cast behavior to rudeattack.
      • Example if you trap the monster.
    • Fixed - when relog you no longer warps back to your last saving spot.
    • Fixed - Normal monster spawn amount on the map.
  • Detailed guide click here.

WoE Updates

  • Added YSF to restriction in Silk Mode.

Ghost Palace Updates

  • 27184.pngKnight Sakray Card can be exchanged from the King for 10000 Shards. (official).
  • You can now add Random Options enchants for Bow of Thanos as well.

Asgard Updates

  • Added Rookie NPC - easy warp to Heart Hunter War Base (none instance).
  • Move Lunette Island NPC a little abit from it's original spot.

Attendance Updates

  • Removed the Poring Ces, added egg scroll / lucky coins.

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