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Changelogs - Winter Park

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After many testings, adjustments, this and that...
We can finally release Winter Amusement Park plus many bug fixes.
I decided to make early unscheduled maintenance, due to more can enjoy this festive park!

Winter Amusement Park

Website Updates

  • Email change - you can now change your account email via control panel, the verifiation email will be sent to your current address.

185/65 Skill Updates

  • After a long discussion, we decided to postpone this, after the New Years ~~

Bug Fixes

BG Updates

  • Removed BG 1 desserter check.
  • Level requirement to join BG 1 is 170
  • Level requirement to join BG 2 is 100
  • Increased Silk BG win reward to 2x Battle Tokens.
  • Added BG queue auto leave after 10 minutes
    • this to prevent ppl being AFK for too long and join bg while afk.

Feature Updates

  • EXP Share level increased to 85

Event Shop Updates

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