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Changelogs 185/65

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Christmas is near!

Feature Updates

  • Max level for 3rd jobs increased to 185/65

Cash Item Updates

  • You will now be able to upgrade your Gemstone from level 3 to level 4.  DELAYED, need to test a little more ~~ But it will come!
    • The gemstone level 4 will not be pulled thru, because of a huge poll result against it.
    • We will instead work on the official Costume CE Enchant stones ! Assembled hall topic has more info.
  • Added Christmas Wings (200 CP until Xmas ends) and Deco Stone Snowfall to Cash Shop.

WoE Updates

  • Removed WoE on Wednesday.

Bug Fixes

Event Updates

  • Winter Amusement Park

Limit HQ Updates

  • Changed Admiral name/sprite to a Corporal, to avoid confusion.

Server Feature

  • Enabled Trade logs for Admin, Trade Logs resets every maintenance.

Gladiator Updates

  • Entrance fee is now 100.000 zeny only, vote result by community!
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