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Part # 1.5 Doram Summoner equip list by Meowch

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 Ok heres the deal, i was making this list to write the completed last part of my guide... these notes were to help me 
write the guide, but seeing as i've gotten a few requests for part 2, ill go ahead and release these notes and hope 
you can decipher them people xD... GL!!
This is not complete by any means, i hope to get back to it soon and complete it, and clean it up to look op fancy 
nice... thank you again for bearing with me

Divine-pride picky peck description:


700% atk over a bundle of 5hits
*carries endowment
*ranged atk
*relies on hit vs flee
*aftercast delay 1second

Difference of Skill dmg vs dps
possible for summoner to reach well over 1 million damage per picky peck
picky peck has cast delay which means can be reduced
for example if can cast 1m per sec @1 picky=1m picky dmg=dps 1m
or 600k 3 picky per second=picky dmg 600k= dps 1.8m
need balance, less cast delay means higher chance of hit lock, quicker changing targets
anytime when reducing cast delay, need a)cast delay reduction b)aspd (chain only strong as weakest link 100% aftercast with 63 aspd =still slow, 190 aspd with 0% aftercast still slow)
Hitlock extremely important especially vs high hp target/mvps without endure effect also more chances for u to hit
(1picky per second with 50%chance 100% dmg per second, 3 picky a second 50% chance each time for 33.3% dmgper second)
**mathematically a doram with max aspd(190) and with 80%aftercast delay reduction can cast 5 picky per second max, but 100% delay reduction is still 5 skill per second because of aspd
ASPD Formula
50/(200-aspd)= how many auto atk per second
doram max aspd = 190=50/10= 5 possible skill per second [180aspd would be half of 190 @ 2.5 skill per second potential 180aspd+60% aftercast=harmony 190aspd+80%aftercast=harmony)
in order to harmonize max aspd of doram with skill delay time u need 80% aftercast delay and perfect timing (not to mention pretty much be a robot) for max potential.
server max aspd= 193=50/7=7.14 possible skill per second


-50%vct picky peck
-increases picky dmg 1%per skill level learned per 6 base dex (120 highest possible doram max 125 stat = 5% per 6 dex=5x20=100%)
-each talisman adds 100%dmg with 120dex

upper headgears
summoner race cap

5atk/matk per refine
aspd 2% per per 3 refines
+8 savage cooldownis reduced 4 seconds per level of lunatic carrot beat learned
+11 reduces cast delay by 15% (which is like .5 kiel cards)

Laser of Eagle

long range physical dmg 10%
chance to transform into cecil damon, during transformation cast delay=100% reduced

+9 vanagrand helmet
hp sp leeching

Republic Hat[1]

at +10 gives 12% ranged atk

other alternatives
Captains hat[1] 7% long range
rideword hat[1] for hp sp leech

Mid HG low hg
Crow Tengu Mask
*worn in combination with tengu scroll 19112 (highest picky dmg)

New wave Sunglasses18813 nice to combo with spiked scarf 5462 (30atk)

Sunglasses[1]2202  in conjunction with mob scarf28502

Headgear cards

gemini/nightmare(not so much after new update with silence and sleep immunities)

I hate Dark Pingicula cause of herbs

+7Cursed Magic Mail
Abusive Robe (for Def bypass and str or dex enchants)
Evil Dragon Armor for hp sp leech

+7excellion str atk atk
Doram suit(with or without set is ok for general tankishness)

Rama/ama (hate the drain)
minerpitman (only 5% atk but has hit and no drain)
watcher card 30atk
tgk xtra hp = usually survive longer

FAW Max EA (more dmg than gwing but...)
GWING max ea (i really like gwing because of all the hit added)
Heroic BP (meh, still decent... but meh)
Cloak of casualty[1] (see above note)
+7 excellion atk atk atk (combo with suit gives 20% more to aftercast delay reduction)

general redux garments
etrans (at +10 is also nice because of the elimination of knockback)
etc etc

doram set (elegant) not horrible option to begin with, keep u alive a lot longer than most sets, pretty tanky bonuses

Garment cards
brown rat
orcbaby in combo with corrupt life

pure dmg wise pvm boils down to
Applause sandals (2% aftercast redux per refine)(use amon, stats are <3)
Picky dmg
Heroic silver fox boots(range dmg but no after cast)(with blut hase for that raw powah of picky!)

doram shoes

Accessories for picky dmg is
Chubby earthworm talisman with a whole plethora of card combination choices

ppl have asked me if there might be better option for picky dmg... pom etc.
each talisman adds 5% picky dmg (if level 5 picky learned) per every 6 base dex!
10% for 2 talismans per 6 base dex
@120 dex thats 200% added
will touch that dmg.

buffalo set 
g scaraba
eoe str 3
marinesphere (one of most underglorified accessory cards)
many more

either exquisite green foxtail model [2]
or yellow exquisite[1] (but can be malangado for max of ea 6 double)

cmb[1] op dmg
asg good redux
immune shield good neutral redux
ironshield +8 eliminates knock back

Thana + Bijou
certain occasions phree or phreex2 for that needed hit
wk + kk
TG+ ominous TG
mix and match some cool cards for some cool effects

***Need add ysf armor and mant for sure seems nice but expensive
****need at that 16.2 shield that gives ignore monster def

Sorry this was sloppy, i wanted to get something added on to this guide sooner than this... didnt think u needed to wait
any longer for at least a taste and pls remember...
i wrote this originally for ME to write an official guide for u guys.... this was never meant to be posted...
just thought i owed some people one...
And This doesnt touch on pvp/bg/woe or anything really, its mainly for pvm... and yes dorams can reach good picky dmg 
pretty early on... enough to mvp hunt with just a decentlyupped foxtail(like +8 can do some serious dmg even) so
keep testing urself
keep improving urself
we all should everyday
ty for your time


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