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Changelogs - Battleground Revamp

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I wonder if we will hit 1k for Christmas, this mobile RO took a hit, just like ToS back in 2016.
I wonder how long this will last...
On the brighter side! Many bug fixes, and a final release of 16.2 ~~
Winter Amusement Park is coming <3

Bug Fixes

Battleground Updates

  • Removed BG3 and BG4.
  • Renamed Novice Token to Battle Token.
  • Added a new KvM style for Normal BG.
  • Reduced Dominion BG game time.
  • Added a Battle Token quest to Normal BG, (Criox NPC gives it.)
    • 5 wins Normal BG gives 20 Battle Tokens.
  • Silk BG now gives 1x Battle Token extra as reward.

Settings Update

  • Added new settings for PvP / GvG min skill cast delay global ms function.
    • Server new ms global delay 
    • PvP maps: 200ms
    • GvG maps: 300ms
    • Other maps: 100ms
    • For those who don't know what this does, it's a system to prevent unfair advantage for those who live closer to the server. The closer you live to the server, the more skills you can cast per second (spam), thus this global delay is added, to make sure everyone has the same delay. People live closer to server has around 20-40ms, while some people far away has 300+ms, thus adding this into WoE will give everyone one the same chance in game play.

WoE Updates

  • Sunday silk WoE new time 14-15 
  • Sunday normal WoE new time 17-18

Headgear Updates

  • Added new support for new Costume Hats ~~
  • For our custom Headgears, we changed the view IDs, so after todays MT, please equip/unequip it, to make it display!

Content Update

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