Whats the doram summoner class good for?

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There are class guides here you can look at.

Physical Doram is good for high level dungeon hunting. Magical Doram is still somewhat good for pvp.

They have high hp pool which makes them tanky.

You can also solo some instances, depending on your gears, with a physical Doram.

But as every other classes out there, you'll have to invest a lot in it to make it really effective.

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Cap is right, as usual, but also a picky physical doram is one of the highest sustained single target DPS classes out there. Check underlined word please, I know that CS is mathematically the highest damaging skill in the game, but the cd is long (trust me RK is ❤️ I know!), and yes I know genes own instances better because of dorams limited aoe skills, but still single target dps on spammable skills (and no i'm not counting bite wound, burn effect, other effects only skill dmg themselves, or the fake azz dmg produced from illusion doping). There are some work arounds with the aoe thing, but they can be a bit annoying to do (like accessory switching, or the different style of mobbing done with spirit of savage).

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