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BG2 revamp success

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shout out to dev team the bg2 revamp was a complete success!!!!  this week's bg 2 scenario is one of the most active bg ive seen here limitro (been here for 2-3 years now). i think the success formula for what it makes attracts players is as follows

*rewarding gameplay (chance to get shadow box which cost 15-25 vips atm)

*balance, new and veterans player alike can play together with less hassle and drama

*fast paced gameplay= better farming, loser's side agony end quickly decreasing the frustration factor of rage quiting lol

*bg2 game mechanics is goal and teamplay oriented not only focusing on "pvp kill all that moves tactic"

even though there are some bugs people still play it because of the reasons above. i just posted this to show how happy i was with the bg2 revamp results (though i know its only temporary) i just wanted to point out what i think made it a success. GOOD one dev TEAM thanks harharhahrahrharhahra.....

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