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We are a Silk WoE and PvM Guild. We offer monthly guild events with VIP Coins as rewards, on-going guild bounty quests (Deepsea Items), BG 2 committee, and fun/laughter on discord chat/voice. We accept newbie/experienced players. Our timezone is North America/Europe, but other timezones are also welcomed.

We just play for FUN!

PM Silent Rogue, Imperius Curse, w s N a y r, Claire Einfield when you're in-game. 

Recruitment Form Link: (Please fill out form. Thanks!)

Jabbawockeez Recruitment Form

Requirements to join the guild:

  • Must be active (can play for at least 5 hours per week)
  • Discord-active
  • Must able to speak/write/understand English, especially in Discord
  • Non-toxic player

Instances (Common ones we do everyday, but we can also do other instances by request):

  • OGHN
  • OGHH
  • HTF
  • SkyFortress
  • Infinity Space
  • Isle of Bios
  • Morse Cave
  • TODG

Other things provided:

  • Guildbase
  • Monthly Guild Events
  • Guild Bounty Quest
  • Trashtalk-Free Guild






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