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Changelogs - Terra Gloria Dalies

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Quest Updates

  • Improved town quests in Einbech / Einbroch.
    • Enriched Oridecon / Enriched Elunium crafting quests.
    • Costume Mine Helmet quest
    • Bronze Pickaxe Quest
    • all details on our Wiki Town Quest guide.
  • Added a bunch of Terra Gloria daily quests ~~

Limitless Island Updates

  • Finalized all monster spawn amount
  • All deep mine monster have good stats HP and skills (harder to kill.)
  • Added 2 new items to Deep Mines

Battleground Updates

Gameplay Updates

  • Added alternative efficient way to level up to 175, instead of Infinity Space.
    • Great improved the Bounty Board EXP Reward in Limit HQ.
    • Great improved the episode 13.1, 13.2, 13.3 Main quest EXP reward. (guarantee 175 when complete those quests.)

Login Updates

  • Removed Proxy england and SEA , they are causing more lag issues than direct connect to Main.

Item Updates

Bug Fixes

Suggestion Updates

WoE Updates

PvP Updates

  • Turned off instant warp out when dying in PvP room.

Anti Macro Global

  • Added a new increase of skill cast global delay from 150ms to our original 250ms since we had 2009 to 2016, to prevent macro skill spammers users.
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After reading all comments, and all community voice.
Emergency adjustment of the latest increase of MS issue.
I will revert the change and suggested a new plan to add the 250 ms for only PvP/GvG mapflags.
Also a new setting for all other maps with 100ms instead of 150ms!
I have now reverted the setting in server for a moment, with 150ms as we had pre-maintenance.
I appologize for the issue, and the commotion it caused.
Your voice matters.
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