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Changelogs - Terra Gloria

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Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria is finally here ~~
Great story line and ofcourse a little LimitRO customized touch to make the quest more convenient!

Bug Fixes

  • Solar Burst combo issue.
  • Fixed items with description "damage against all size" not working bug.

Vending Updates

  • You can now vend on any maps, but without autotrade.
  • Removed distance check for Search Vend feature. (You can now buy directly from the Search Vend vends).

Skill Updates

  • Star Emperor Miracle of Stars skill proc chance increased from 2/10000 to 1%.

Limitless Island Updates

  • Disabled warp inside Solar Temple.
  • Added Exit NPC to the Island, if you wish to exit without relog/die.

PvP Updates

  • @gopvp will now give you 3 selections:
    • Normal
    • Silk
    • GvG

Event Updates

  • Autumn Moon Festival ends ~~
  • Halloween Giant Jakk instance added.
  • Halloween Ghost Store added.

Cash Shop Updates

  • Added new Halloween Poring Bag

Commands Updates

  • Added @ignore / @unignore commands.
    • Example @ignore Lai Lai 
      • It will ignore all Lai Lai ingame chats, private message, party, guild and main chats.
      • It will ignore all Lai Lai account characters.
    • Example @unignore Lai Lai will remove the Lai Lai from ignore list.
    • You can ignore and unignore offline characters, but there are no "response".

Quest Updates

  • Partial release of Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria.

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