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Guide how force to use Nvidia Graphics Card instead of Intel on your Laptop

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Hello guys, here I wanna teach you how use discren videocard Nvidia instead you Intel Graphics.

But first I want to warn you that this method will not help everyone. This guide will be usefull only for people who have laptop (with new Nvidia videocard and Intel graphics) and got LOW FPS.  That because new Nvidia videocards and drivers don't work well with DirectX 8.



Warning: All these changes affect the work of your OS so that you do all this at your own risk.


Require files:

dgvoodoo2 V2.55.3: 





1. For a start, we should to check which videocard used on game.

 We can check in the Setup.exe:

Or go to the Nvidia Control Panel, then Desktop and turn on "Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area"

Then just push this icon w6N1DWqCN9Y.jpg after that you will see which programs uses Nvidia videocard:


If your game doesn't work with Nvidia, you should to try this guide  

2. Then now we need to get the right version of program "dgvoodoo2 V2.55.3" which you was get from upper link (remember should be v2.55.3)

After that take this files from "dgvoodoo2 V2.55.3" and copy-paste all of them to your Limtiro folder. (Only Limitro folder, nowhere else.) 


3. Now, Run your Ragnarok online and close it. Go to Nvidia Panel, and select your opensetup.exe or setup.exe and your Ragnarok exe and forced to use Nvidia Graphics Card instead of Integrated one.


4. Then go to your Limitro folder (make sure that you close RO game window) and run "dgVoodooCpl" open DirectX tab
and do like on the screenshot below

5. Now, just run your setup.exe and you will see your Nvidia Graphics Adapter


6. Now you can run ur Ro client and play with ur discret videocard! :3



p.s. Fraps can show you FPS in game. With it, you can find out whether you should use this method or not!
P.s.2 Guys this is my frist guide in Egnlish, so pls don't blame and just help me correct my mistakes.


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