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Changelogs - Silk WoE

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Herro my friend!
In today's changelogs, we encourage you to challenge the Silk WoE! <3

WoE Updates

  • Adding a new Silk WoE schedule
    • Saturday 17-18 server time
    • schg_cas03 & schg_cas04 (Yuno castles.)
  • Released a batch of Silk Weapons and Silk Armor for rental purposes usable in WoE only. (Can be rented in Silk Castle regions.)
  • Silk WoE Treasure improved (Added original God Item Materials into certain castles.)

Item Updates

  • 30534.pngBlade of the Fallen is now tradeable.
  • Added 19996.pngHorse King to Costume Box(ReRetro)
  • Improved the accessibility for most Costume Hats (monster drop % increased, rare rates a bit higher from boxes.)

Battleground Updates

  • Disabled Commands in Novice BG.
  • Disabled few more status in Novice BG.

Bug Fixes

Cash Shop Updates

  • Added new Deco Stone (Autumn) (300CP until next MT!)
    • decostoneautumn.gif

Town Quest Updates

Skill Updates

  • Star Emperor
    • Added Nova Explosion damage bonus formula. (the more hp/sp the more dmg)
      • (MaxHP/(7-skilllevel)) + (MaxSPxSkillLv) 
    • Added custom bonus for Purification of the Sun to totally remove the "blind effect" from S,L,S Shadow.
    • Gravity Control now uses "Target weight", instead of "caster's weight" as damage calculation.
    • You can use all skills in Universe Stance.
  • Soul Reaper
    • Enabled Soul Division
    • Enabled Soul Explosion

Roulette Updates

  • You will lose the chance if land on any Lucky Coin.

LimitRO Patch Updates

  • Added Halloween login screen.
  • Preparing for Halloween events.
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