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Before reading this guide, please check these out:

This guide is now available in our wiki. More tips and better format.


More guides on minstrel and wanderer here including other player guides such as Kucing's wanderer guide.


  • STR - 90+        For increased weight. 
  • AGI  - 60/90    Reduce animation delay. 
  • VIT  - 120+      Primary stat for more HP. 
  • INT  - 90-120  Primary stat for more SP. Also helps reduce variable cast time.
  • DEX - 90-120  Primary stat for more ATK with bow, instrument, and whip. Primary stat to reduce variable cast time.
  • LUK - 0/30       Free stat points




  • Songs and dances are now party buffs with 31x31 aoe (meaning everyone 15 cells away from caster gets buffed), with the exception of Forget Me Not which is a 9x9 debuff. Buffs disappear when entering portals.
  • For non-performer players here is a list: 
  1. Songs are Bard skills which include: whistle, bragi, sunset, and apple.
  2. Dances are Gypsy skills which include: humming, forget(debuff), fortune, and service.
  3. Ensembles are skills that require both bard and gypsy which include: loki(debuff), Mr. Kim, siegfried, and many more.
  4. Chorus skills are 3rd job performer skills that can be cast as long as there is more than one performer regardless of gender. These Include: warg dance, lerad, saturday night, and many more.
  5. Group A skills are 3rd job performer skills which is unique to wanderer and minstrel, both has harmonize; additionally, wanderer's include: swing dance, symphony, moonlight while minstrel's include: windmill, echo song, and gloomy shyness(unique buff/debuff that cannot be overlapped by other Group A skills).
  • Each party can only have one Song, Dance, Ensemble, Chorus, and Group A active. The more recent one will apply with its own new duration. Note: Forget Me Not will override existing dance giving its debuff to those affected; however, it will be removed and replaced as soon as a new dance buff is casted on the target (same with harmonize). Forget Me Not and Harmonize only debuffs enemies. Gloomy Shyness can penalize any ally, party member, and enemy.
  • Note: Frigg's song and Circle of Nature do not belong to any of those groups which means they are treated pretty much like a priest's Angelus or Gloria skills.
  • Only one ensemble can be active to the party at a time. Buffs remain even after entering portals. Performers must be within 4 cells away from each other.
  • Adaptation to circumstances skill is completely changed to a self-target 5 minute buff that reduces 20% SP cost of song, dance, ensemble, and encore skills.
  • Frost Joke received a 4 second cooldown with 0.3 second delay after cast.
  • Songs and dances are not improved by stats anymore.
  • Song/dance has unknown VCT and 0.5? FCT. (Tests with 530 total dex*2+int and 0.5 FCT reduction result in instant cast songs)

EQUIPMENT - Choose one to be your main character and the other one to be your dual.




Tiered Equipment Guide LOW MID HIGH-END CARDS



Headgear: Yellow Ribbon, Blush of Groom, Antique Smoking Pipe, I Love Limit, Palace Guard Cap, Protect Feathers, Isabella Brown Ears, Imperial Dragon Wing, Handkerchief in Mouth, Sunglasses with Mob Scarf, Adamantine Enchanted Nightmare Biolab Headgear. Bungisngis card, Essence of Evil Vitality lvl 3.

Armor: Siege Suit, Kardui's Robe, Consultation Robe (vit enchants). Furious Gazeti card, Elemental armor cards especially Ghostring, Tao Gunka Card.

Weapon: Rope [4], Violin [4], Combat Knife (malangdo enchantable), Green Whistle/Stem Whip (malangdo enchantable), Berserk Guitar (malangdo enchantable). Golem Card, Essence of Evil Vitality lvl 3 Note: Malangdo enchants can give up to +8 MDef or +12 INT.

Shield: Valkyrie Shield, White Gold Shield, Armoured Sleeve Guard, Scutum. Thara Frog card, Horn card, and Golden Thief Bug card.

Garment: Siege Manteau, Giant Faceworm Skin (VIT enchants), Goibne Spaulder [1], Etran's Shirt, ArchAngel Wing (cranial enchants), Kirin Wing (cranial enchants). Jejeling card, Noxious/Raydric card, Devilling card, Elemental garment cards especially Jakk card, Kades card.

Footgear: Siege Boots, Variant Shoes, Enhanced Variant Shoes, Shoes of Survival, Applause Sandals. Matyr card, Green Ferus card, Firelock Soldier card, Infinite Vocal Card, Amon Ra card.

Accessories: VIT Gloves [1]. Black Rosary, Glorious Ring, Emerald Ring. Alligator card, Essence of Evil Vitality lvl 3.


/no1 TIPS:

- Buff sequence: song -> dance -> group A -> Frigg's song -> chorus -> ensemble (example: bragi, service, windmill, frigg's, warg dance, and siegfried). 

- Keep Adaptation to Circumstances up and use Encore if needed. These two skills can help you save SP.

- Due to frost joke nerf remember that Forget Me Not, Deep sleep lullaby, and Eternal chaos are powerful debuffs, use them more often. Along with Gloomy shyness, Harmonize, and Tarot card.

- Assassin Cross of Sunset now improves all weapon types.

- Organize with your party what song, dance, ensemble, chorus, group A will be the best. I suggest bragi, service, and siegfried for backline genetics and mages while apple, fortune, and siegfried for frontline rune knights, sura, and shadow chasers.

- Use shift + right click on your dual character to autofollow your main character.

- You can still cast ensemble and chorus skills even when your dual is mounted.

- Song of despair is a good snaring skill, make good use of it. You can only have 3 active placed at a time.

- Be creative with your choice of weapon. Severe rainstorm can be cast with instrument/whip with +50% damage while Reverberation can be cast with daggers too. Arrow Vulcan damage is improved and Metallic sound is a powerful single target neutral magic attack.

- Gloomy shyness can double the damage of the following skills: Brandish spear, Spiral pierce, Shield chain, Shield boomerang, and Shield press.



Severe rainstorm is an 11x11 area of effect skill that inflicts ranged physical damage to all enemies every 0.3 seconds for a 3.3 second duration. This skill consumes 20 arrows. You can't switch equips during the skill's duration.

Damage (ATK) = [{(DEX + AGI) × (SkillLv ÷ 5)} × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]%


  • STR (1-50) Not a priority due to use of bow as weapon.
  • AGI (100-120) High priority due to being part of the skill's damage calculation
  • VIT (30-80) Just enough points to increase your HP pool. Not a priority due to Jitterbug set giving enough survivability.
  • INT (1-60) Just enough points to reach [int + (dex*2) = 530] VCT reduction. Not a priority due to9052.pngIncubus Egg giving good SP leech.
  • DEX (120-120+) The bread and butter of this build. Mandatory to have at least 120 DEX to utilize 22008.pngTemporal DEX Boots [1] at its max potential.
  • LUK (30/60/90) Gives good amount of damage and perfect dodge.


Headgear - Rideword Hat for starters. Old biolab headgears for performers' for damage.

Jitterbug set for maximum survivability.

18976.pngOld Minstrel Song's Hat [1]5516.pngHawk Eyes18981.pngOld Dying Swan [1]18936.pngGolden Fish 4506.pngDolomedes Card 29091.pngMaster Archer Lv1


15098.pngHeroic Target Suit [1]  4408.pngGloom Under Night Card4337.pngPorcellio Card 

15147.pngAbusive Robe [1] 29005.pngNeev of Dexterity Lv 3 

Weapon - These bows reduce the cooldown of severe rainstorm by 2 seconds essentially letting you have severe rainstorm active nonstop.

18123.pngBow of Storm [1]18170.pngNarcissus Bow [2]4695.pngTrue Trentini Card4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card

Garment - Aim for expert archer or DEX enchants on your wings.

2589.pngFallen Angel Wings [1] 20752.pngGolden Wings [1] 4593.pngMenblatt Card27296.pngAncient Wootan Shooter Card

Shoes - Severe rainstorm procs Hawkeye very easily.

22008.pngTemporal DEX Boots [1]4879.pngHawk Eye

4643.pngInfinite Vagabond Wolf Card27256.pngBlut Hase Card

Accessories - Playing and Singing Perre cards to complete Jitterbug card set.

28573.pngEmerald Ring [1]







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On 11/21/2018 at 8:53 PM, KucingKucing said:

Can you make severe build as well? i think that will be great :D

Hmmm good idea, that has very good mob clear. I'll add that here as part of Bonus Guide, at the end.

Edited by SWMRA
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