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Changelogs - Moon Excavation

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Heeey, I wish everyone a very nice Full Moon Festival (which already passed btw..)
But never less, we won't miss the content out <3
I hope you like the changelogs ~~

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed @search command not being able to open Buying Shops.
  • Fixed bug with Catnip Meteor being 1100% at level 5 instead of 700%.
  • Fixed bug with Catnip Meteor behavior and damage output, now 100% kRO style and sync with animation.
  • Minor issue in Achievement treasure, Gonryun field and Kunlun field is reverted.
  • Fixed minor bug on storage open by NPC in Lasagna.
  • Many other item bug fixes, check Report Center for details ~~


  • Added new Guild Base map files.

Lasagna Updates

Moscovia Updates

Commands Update

  • @search new develope status:
  • *Can search by item ID
    • If you search item id, please dont mark the "searching items including the word".
  • *Fixed bug with 2nd page
  • *Fixed issue with not displaying random options
  • *Fixed issue with not displaying correct enchants.
    • image.png

Feature Updates

  • Alchemist Ranking & Blacksmith Ranking will be reset ~~

Item Updates

Achievement Updates

  • Added Refine Ticket +6 +7 to Achievement Shop
  • Reduced cost of Achievement Box from 50 to 10.

Roulette Updates

  • Re-balanced a bit, you can now obtain Costume Box Roulette when playing with Silver Lucky Coins.



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