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Changelogs - New Cards & @search

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Guys guys guys, girls girls girls!
Some stable updates and few convenient fixes to make the life of LimitRO easier ~~

Commands Updates

  • Added @search command.
    • Usable only in towns, vending harbor and guild base.
    • How it works
      • Sell = You search for an item that is on sell.
      • Buy = You search for an item that is on ppl want to buy.
      • In the Item, you type in FULL ITEM CLIENT DISPLAY NAME example Blitz Helm, and not just Helm or blitz helm etc, need to be Blitz Helm to search.
      • IF YOU MARK the "searching items including the word"
        • you can type "Blitz" to search. 
        • If you type Card or potion etc, it will not work because too many results.
      • Card and Zeny will appear after you type in the Item name, you can add zeny range etc.
      • Each command use costs a tiny amount of zeny.
    • Opens up Search for Vends feature.
      • unknown.png
      • unknown.png

Bug Fixes

Item Updates

  • Rockridge Sherif badge accessories can now be stored. (85% voted yes on FB)

Patch Updates

  • Added many costume garment support for Soul Reaper / Star Emperor.
  • Added support for new 14.3 cards.
    • image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png
  • Added support for new costume headgear.

Attendance Updates

  • Each day, you need to stay ingame for 1 hour to claim the Attendance gift.
    • If you stay 30 minutes, log out, and then get back stay another 30 minutes, it also counts as 1 hour. 
    • Note: IF the day ends at 00:00 and you didnt claim, means it will reset.

Skill Updates

  • Scar of Tarou skill balance from -10% MHP /second to -5% MHP.

Client Updates

Limit Group HQ Updates

  • Increase EXP reward by Bounty C & B.

Battleground Updates

  • Disabled @die command in Novice BG.
  • Winner receive 3 tokens, loser receive 1 token in Novice BG.
  • Insignia balance
    • Support:
      • Removed Kyrie, added Agi up. 
      • Reduced Heal level from 10 to 5.
    • Magician
      • Removed Firewall, added Quagmire.
    • Marksman
      • Removed Ankle snare, added Land Mine.
      • Decrease ASPD by 100% to 70% now. (a bit faster)
    • Weapon attack improvement in general.

Forum Updates

  • Added a new Wiki/Website Report category in the Report Center.

Malangdo Island Updates

  • 12636.pngMalangdo Special Can can now be sold to NPC fo 7,000 zeny.
  • Made clear quest guides in LRO Wiki Town quests.
  • Improved the quest rewards.
  • Minor boost to getting max enchant for A / Sea Anger enchants.
  • Full guide click wiki Town Quests

Feature Updates

  • Guild Base is back ~~ You can rent again.
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